Active Ability will not be charging our participants a 10% loading

Hi there,

Yesterday (Wednesday the 25th March, 2020), the NDIA released a new price guide as part of their plan to support participants and providers through the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the main changes made to the new price guide is that the NDIA has allowed for a temporary 10% increase to the price limit for some supports, including ‘Improved Daily Living’ and ‘Improved Health and Wellbeing’ to assist providers with the impact COVID-19 is having on business. However, this has been done in the absence of increasing participant budgets, which means our valued participants will end up receiving 10% less therapy over the course of their plan. With many of our participants already juggling tight therapy budgets, Active Ability have made the decision not to adopt this price increase for the benefit of our participants.

We continue to offer essential services on a 1:1 in-person basis for those who require this support but are also offering services via online TeleHealth. To ensure participant and staff safety, you can read more about how we are facilitating face to face sessions here:

If you would like to set up services to commence now, or for when we have surpassed this pandemic, please call our team on (02) 8678 7874 to get started.

Stay safe and well,

Amanda Semaan, Active Ability Co-Director