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Working effectively in the NDIS: Report Writing

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This is a half day course (3 hours)

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3 CPD Points

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  • Thurs 21st Mar, 2024 (9am – 12pm) – SOLD OUT!
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Course Description

Active Ability is pleased to present ‘Working effectively in the NDIS: Report Writing.’ This course has been designed by our co-directors, who have 20+ years of combined experience working in the disability sector.

The course is designed to help participants improve their skills in report writing for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The course will cover the basics of report writing, including how to write effectively and concisely and structure and format reports. The participant will also learn about the different types of reports that can be written under the NDIS and how to tailor reports to meet the needs of the participant’s life.

This course is for allied health professionals and support coordinators who want to become more effective at drafting a successful NDIS report, such as progress reports. Active Ability has successfully supported over 2,000 NDIS participants, with over 80 NDIS reports written and submitted every month of the year. This course has been designed to share that experience with you.

If you work with participants in the NDIS, you will be familiar with the process of determining reasonable outcomes for your client. This course provides better strategies for your report writing, teaching you how to manage any challenges you might encounter.

The NDIS is a constantly evolving system that has been designed to meet the individual needs of Australia’s disability community. The course provides great strategies for your report writing and training that will help you better manage any challenges to ensure the best reasonable outcomes with NDIS clients. The course also provides some great tips for report writing which can help to improve the quality of a report and provide a more detailed account of the individual’s situation and progress.

This NDIS report writing course includes the following modules:


An overview of the fundamentals of the NDIS and best practices for writing a report: the ICF framework, reporting, capacity building supports, progress report, reasonable and necessary criteria. We also discuss the relevant practicalities: who reads the report, and what they are looking for.


Key information regarding an introduction to your client, their goals and proposed participant outcomes, their progress in the current NDIS plans and your recommendations for future funding. Within each core component, you will be provided with at least one good quality example and time to review past reports against these examples.


Explore and discuss FAQs, including billing, funding breakdown, non-face-to-face services, troubleshooting, and ensuring that you leave the course with your own template and renewed understanding of NDIS expectations.

Why trust us?

Active Ability is a leading national provider of exercise physiology, dietetic and physiotherapy services (you can check us out here!). Your presenters have over 20 years of combined experience supporting the disability community.  

Our core focus at Active Ability is to empower the disability community, and we strongly believe that upskilling other healthcare professionals to provide exceptional quality services within the disability community is part of our strategy to achieve our core focus. The NDIS report writing course has been designed with this strategy in mind.

“One of the best online courses that was interactive as well as informative. A lot of other online courses are only informative. The review of docs and the break rooms were really great to give some practical feedback. Worth its weight in gold!”

– Caitlin

Feedback from our team was great and very positive. Jess has recently completed your report writing course too and with the training you provided at our training day, we have plans to revamp our report templates, so once again, thanks for assisting us in this area

– Recovery Station

Want to become a more effective NDIS reporter? Active Ability’s comprehensive NDIS report writing course will help you to understand the NDIS reporting process and write reports that meet the requirements of the NDIS. With expert instructors and a focus on practical skills and strategies, our course will help you manage any challenges you might encounter while writing reports for your clients. Whether you are new to the NDIS system or want to improve your current skills this course will being you new learnings in this space.