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Mobile NDIS Exercise Physiology South West Sydney – Revolutionising Patient Care

Active Ability is your dedicated partner in the realm of NDIS exercise physiology. Our accredited exercise physiologists are dedicated to elevating the quality of life for people with disability in South West Sydney and the inner west. We take pride in our mobile exercise physiology service – delivering unparalleled exercise interventions right at your doorstep, be it at home, work, or at a local facility.

Our core strength lies in understanding the complexities of disabilities – from intellectual disabilities to neurological conditions and mental illnesses. We’ve established ourselves as pioneers in clinical exercise interventions, offering exercise physiology services that make a real difference in achieving behavioural change.

NDIS Exercise Physiology South West Sydney

What can exercise physiology assist with?

Exercise physiology isn’t just about ‘exercise’. It’s about understanding the human body, managing health conditions, and devising tailored exercise programs that truly fit an individual’s needs and medical history. Active Ability’s exercise physiologists focus on:

  • Boosting your physical capacity and functional independence.
  • Designing exercise prescriptions that improve mobility, dexterity, and coordination.
  • Offering physical rehabilitation for sports injuries.
  • Providing physical activity education to instil a sustainable lifestyle modification.
  • Alleviating symptoms of chronic diseases, including diabetes and mental health disorders.

Our team doesn’t just stop at exercise prescriptions. They impart crucial advice and education, ensuring every client achieves an enhanced state of health and wellbeing.

Every program is personalised to target what you’d like to achieve, and designed to be safe, enjoyable and easy to practice on your own, or with help from your support people.

Types of exercise therapy could include:

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NDIS Funding? Let’s Make the Most of It!

If you’re an NDIS participant, you’re in luck! Our exercise physiology services align perfectly with the goals of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Through the NDIS, you can tap into:

  1. Improved health and lifestyle.
  2. Mastering daily activities with newfound vigour.

Curious about how NDIS exercise physiology can be a game-changer for you? Give our friendly team in South West Sydney a call. Our allied health professionals, certified with Exercise and Sports Science Australia, are more than just practitioners; they are educators, motivators, and your partners in wellness.

Embarking on the Journey with Active Ability

Feel the need to understand? Or perhaps you’re all set to kickstart this transformational journey? Either way, getting started with us is easy. Call us on (02) 8678 7874 (Monday to Friday) or tap the button below. Our team of professionals in South West Sydney is all geared up to assist, ensuring you receive expert patient care right from the first appointment to achieving your personal goals.

From chronic health conditions to worker’s compensation and weight loss goals, Active Ability’s holistic approach is a testament to our strong focus on patient wellness. Together, we’ll chart a path that not only addresses health issues but truly enriches your life.

Let’s make well-being more than just a word. Let’s make it your way of life.

If you’re ready for a service agreement and excited to start as soon as possible, please fill out our NDIS referral form via the link below.

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Aside from NDIS exercise physiology,
Active Ability provide:



More About Providing Exercise Physiology Services
and the NDIS

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The Role of an Exercise Physiologist: Empowering Wellness Through Movement!

Exercise is medicine!

An exercise physiologist stands as a beacon in the allied health community, wielding exercise not just as a fitness tool but as a therapeutic intervention. These professionals delve deep into your medical history, gauge your current functional fitness, and prescribe targeted exercise prescriptions to combat chronic disease and various chronic medical conditions.

At Active Ability, our mission resonates with empowerment. We are not only driven by fitness metrics but are deeply passionate about uplifting the health, vitality, and day-to-day independence of our esteemed clientele. Our core strength lies in our specialised approach to assisting those with intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, and neurological discrepancies.

But what truly sets us apart? Our tailored exercise program! After a comprehensive assessment, our exercise physiologists craft a unique exercise regime tailored for you. And we don’t just stop there. We guide you and your support circle on how to navigate this program, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

Being a proud associate of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and various recognised private health insurers, Active Ability has stretched its expertise across various landscapes. From the lively lanes of South West Sydney, Inner West, and the Eastern Suburbs to the vibrant vibes of Parramatta City, Ryde City, and the Northern Beaches – we are everywhere. Our footprint also extends to Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Blacktown City, Wollongong, The Hills Shire, and the Sutherland Shire. And yes, for those soaking up the sun, we are also present on the Sunshine Coast.

Melding convenience with top-tier care, we offer mobile physiotherapy, bringing our expertise right to your doorstep.

Dive into a holistic health journey with Active Ability. Harness the power of movement, and let’s redefine wellness together!

We provide NDIS exercise physiology services to the South West Sydney area including: