“I also wanted to say how well the report captures the complexity of my disability and its interaction with/impact on my other health issues. I’ve never seen it expressed in such detail and yet so clearly. Very well done.”


Active Ability has been in the NDIS game for a few years now, which means we have really mastered the art of writing funding reports. This means that we have been able to secure funding for our participants, so that we are able to support their goals and really make a difference for the long-term. Here’s 5 reasons why our funding reports are getting noticed:

1.    Active Ability’s funding reports explicitly address all reasonable and necessary criteria

Active Ability is fluent in NDIS language and we understand the fundamentals when it comes to what is considered ‘reasonable and necessary’. We highlight how our services relate directly to specific disability support needs, are effective, beneficial and of course cost-effective when working towards achieving NDIS goals.

2.    Active Ability’s funding reports convey therapy-driven outcomes related to the impact the participant’s disability has on activity and participation

Our interventions are tailored towards participant’s goals, life roles and functional capacity. We outline the real life impact of an individual’s disability on their activity and participation to form a full picture of an individual’s everyday life beyond just their physical health conditions.

3.    Active Ability’s funding reports use Person-Centred Language

We use person-centered language that respects people with disability as active individuals with control over their own lives. We endeavour to capture each participant’s unique circumstances respectively and collaborate with the participant to ensure language used is how they identify and describe their disability. 

4.    Active Ability’s funding reports are written using a collaborative approach to the writing of the report

We offer joint reports from our physiotherapists, dietitians and exercise physiologists, where appropriate, to ensure that our assessments and recommendations are comprehensive yet concise. Quality assurance processes mean that our funding reports are independently reviewed to ensure that our justifications are effectively advocating for the best possible outcomes for our clients. Importantly, our procedures ensure that consent and confidentiality is maintained throughout these processes.

5.    Active Ability’s funding reports are received in a timely manner.

Active Ability therapists provide a written treatment plan following your initial assessment with a schedule of supports, to ensure open communication and a clear understanding of timelines of supports, including the timeline for your funding report. We work on tight deadlines to ensure that you receive your funding report in a timely manner, so that you are well prepared for that plan review.

See below for some of the feedback we have recently received from valued support coordinators, participants and other clinicians that demonstrates the strengths we provide as a team, who are passionate about our participant’s health and wellbeing.


“Thank you very much for sending [name] report, I appreciate I usually have to chase practitioners to get the report, thank you for the nice change”


Joe, the report is terrific! You’ve done incredible work with [the participant] and achieved significant outcomes in a very short period of time that have far surpassed expectations. I look forward to working with you into the future.


“FYI I was speaking with a support coordinator yesterday who mentioned Active Ability and how good your reports are re: supporting NDIS funding applications. Great job!”


Please give us a call on (02) 8678 7874 or send us an email on hello@activeability.com.au should you want to discuss our reports further.

Blog written by Rebecca Lancaster, Accredited Practising Dietitian.