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Get to know your NDIS exercise physiologist, Monique Ta

We’ve asked our fun and always smiling exercise physiologist, Monique Ta, a couple of questions so that you can get to know her!


Why did you become an exercise physiologist?

I would consider myself a fitness lover. Growing up, I participated in a range of sports including swimming, tennis, basketball, martial arts and ballet. Originally, I wanted to pursue a career in physiotherapy. However, on my student placement during my Bachelor of health science (Sport science), I was guided by multiple exercise physiologists! My perception and understanding of wanting to pursue physiotherapy was specifically for the exercise. So, when I discovered that an exercise physiologist solely does this, it was a no brainer to pursue further study to become an exercise physiologist!

What has led to your passion for disability?

My passion for disability came from my personal experiences with people living with disability. I was a sports coach for martial arts and gymnastics and when I saw how exercise boosted confidence and independence, and how it was amplified for those with disability, I knew I wanted to be part of helping people to be the best version of themselves.

Do you have a memorable experience of assisting a client to achieve their goals that you’d like to share?

A memorable experience assisting a client reach their goals that I would like to share was when working with a consumer living with Schizophrenia. She has never participated in structured exercise, lived a very sedentary lifestyle and did not value the benefits of exercise for her mental health and overall wellbeing. After working together to discover some activities she likes, such as boxing, and creating goals and realistic expectations, such as increasing muscular strength, we have been able to create a steady routine in her week where she is now independently participating in her individualised exercise program 2-3 days per week. She now looks forward to her exercise time as it provides her an outlet to focus and be present in the moment.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m in an active mood, I like to hit the gym, do some boxing, play basketball or play tennis. When I need some down time, I like to watch Disney/ Marvel movies or watch travel/food vlogs on YouTube!


What is your favourite sport or physical activity?

My favourite sports to participate in would have to be boxing, basketball or tennis. I like to watch these sports too. I also enjoy a bike ride in my local area!


In another life, if you weren’t an exercise physiologist, what do you think you’d be doing?

I think I would be a stunts person for movies as I think my background in martial arts and performance will continue to drive my interest in the field. I always find it amazing watching an action movie and tend to analyse how the choreography was planned. I respect the amount of time and dedication it would have taken to perfect the scenes!


What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you? Do you have a hidden talent?

People would be surprised to learn that I can play the guitar and piano. I had formal lessons as a child for piano but am self-taught for the guitar. My favourite songs to play at the moment are ‘Say you Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur and ‘Life goes on’ by BTS.

What is your favourite movie, book and holiday?

Movie: A walk to remember

Book: The Harry Potter series

Holiday: Japan



Thanks so much to Monique Ta for sharing more about herself and her reason for working in disability with our community!! We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know her! If you’d like to arrange services with Monique or another of our therapists, please contact us today!

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Monique Ta provides Active Ability’s exercise physiology services in the Campbelltown area of Sydney. Specifically, you will find her in or around Edensor Park, Casula, Wattle Grove, Macquarie Fields, Minto, Gregory Hills, Camden, Oran Park and Kemps Creek.