Daniel Ho Exercise Physiologist

Get to know your NDIS exercise physiologist, Daniel Ho

We’ve asked our deep thinking, thoughtful and compassionate exercise physiologist, Daniel Ho, a couple of questions so that you can get to know him!

Why did you become an exercise physiologist?

I became an exercise physiologist because I wanted to help people feel confident with their body, do physical activities that they enjoy, and keep themselves physically and mentally healthy so that they can be present in the meaningful things that they live for.

What has led to your passion for disability?

Having people with special needs in my life as I grew up showed me that each person is unique. They might have different things they enjoy, different ways they communicate, or different ways they perceive things, but often they need a bit of assistance to help them achieve these things. So, my passion comes from wanting help them enjoy life and achieve the things that they want to do by equipping them physically.

Do you have a memorable experience of assisting a client to achieve their goals that you’d like to share?

There was a client who was quite resistant about doing any exercise outside of sessions because they didn’t see the benefit of it. With some education and building up their confidence, they were able to start doing a little bit of exercise for almost every day of the week!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I try to work on achieving my own exercise goals, whether that’s building my strength in the gym, going on runs to try break my personal best, or to work on my technique in throwing a frisbee.

What is your favourite sport or physical activity?

I really enjoy running! It’s a way that I can be active and social with friends, feel achieved for breaking a personal best, keep my fitness up, and often it’s a way that I can be more mindful.


In another life, if you weren’t an exercise physiologist, what do you think you’d be doing?

I would like to think I’d be a counsellor, mainly because I love getting to know people and having conversations with people.


What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you? Do you have a hidden talent?

I almost always remember a face! If I’ve seen someone before, I’ll be able to recognise them off the street (unless they’re wearing a mask).

What is your favourite movie, book and holiday?

One of my favourite movies is Interstellar, love a good movie soundtrack!



Thanks so much to Daniel for sharing more about himself and his reason for working in disability with our community!! We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know him! If you’d like to arrange services with Daniel or another of our therapists, please contact us today!

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Daniel Ho provides Active Ability’s physiotherapy services in the Inner West of Sydney. Specifically, you will find him in or around Ashfield, Campsie, Belmore, Strathfield, Concord, Homebush, Auburn, Lidcombe and Drummoyne.