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NDIS Physiotherapist Supporting People with Disability

Active Ability’s NDIS registered physiotherapists work with people with disability across Westmead, providing physiotherapy services. We focus on supporting people who have intellectual disability, mental illness and neurological conditions.

Our experienced and dedicated home physio team can see you in your preferred environment, whether that’s at home, work, school or a convenient local facility.

We don’t charge for travel or have a waiting list, so you can get started with your NDIS physio right away.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a great way for people who live with a disability, gain access and support to a range of different services, easing the minds of the participants, their families and their carers. 

For those eligible, the NDIS provides funding for a range of different services including transport, therapeutic supports, any modification needed in your home or vehicle, employment help and health and wellbeing activities.

At Active Ability, we are mobile NDIS registered physiotherapists, meaning we can provide you with our efficient plan and participant care and management and any assistance you need about those hard to answer questions.

Physiotherapy Westmead

How can an NDIS Westmead physiotherapist help me?

Active Ability’s mission is to support people with disability to achieve optimal independence, health and quality of life.

Physiotherapists are experts in body structure, function and movement. They work with people of all ages to treat various health conditions. Physiotherapy treatment is often aimed at restoring or maintaining mobility, function, and wellbeing, to foster your independence and ability to participate at work, home, school and in your community. Physiotherapy can be a great way to improve your day-to-day mobility and pain levels, helping you to have a better quality of life.

Our dedicated NDIS physiotherapists are university qualified allied health professionals with a special interest in providing treatment for people with disability.

An NDIS Westmead physiotherapy services can help treat many things, such as:

  • Recovery from injuries and surgical procedures
  • Rehabilitation after prolonged illness
  • Incontinence

We provide NDIS Physiotherapy services and support to those participants who have a range of disabilities including:

Intellectual Disabilities

Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Developmental Delay
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Williams Syndrome
Bardet-Biedi Syndrome
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Syndrome
Angelman’s Syndrome
Chromosomal Disorders
Fragile X Syndrome

Neurological Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Cord Injuries
Guillain Barre Syndrome
Parkinson’s Disease
Motor Neurone Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Muscular Dystrophy
Peripheral Neuropathy
Chronic Fatigue

Mental Health Conditions

Disordered Eating
Psychotic Illnesses
Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders

If you need to find an NDIS physiotherapist Westmead experienced in disability, our caring, qualified team would love to work with you.

Your physio will discuss your health history, assess your current function, and devise an evidence-based treatment plan to suit your needs and goals.

Depending on what you’d like to achieve, your NDIS physio treatment might include:

Functional Task Training, such as gait and transfer practice
Exercise to improve your strength, coordination and posture
Use of heat, cold and electrotherapies to help with pain, stiffness and inflammation
Soft tissue techniques and joint mobilisation
Training your support people to assist with mobility and transfer
Education and advice about managing your condition
Balance Training
Westmead Physiotherapy

Have you got NDIS Funding?

Services with an NDIS physiotherapist can be arranged through the NDIS Capacity Building funding category ‘Improved daily living’.

All Australian physiotherapists must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA). This means they must be qualified, insured and meet ongoing requirements for recency of practice and continuing professional development.

Give us a call on (02) 8678 7874 or enquire below to find out more about our physiotherapy home service.

To learn more about NDIS funded physio with Active Ability or our physiotherapy home service, get in touch with us.

More about our home physio service

What is a Physiotherapist?

A functional movement expert!

A physiotherapist is a qualified, registered allied health professional. Physios help you manage physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or ageing to improve your movement.

Active Ability’s caring, experienced NDIS physiotherapists provide physical treatments such as manual therapy, heat treatment, functional task training and exercise to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of Westmead physiotherapists come to your location, free of travel charge. We complete our assessment and provide recommendations based on your goals, medical history and current function or fitness. We then work with you to provide therapy or an exercise program and teach you or your support people to complete your program safely and effectively.

Westmead Physiotherapist

Along with NDIS funded physiotherapy, Active Ability provides

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology



How to organise NDIS physiotherapy services with Active Ability

We have knowledgeable and trained staff located across Sydney that are able to help answer any of your questions, including the trickiest of cases. We can take on clients with any disability in locations including Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Parramatta, Ryde, Blacktown, Penrith, Campbelltown, Northern Beaches, North Shore and The Hills Shire.

If you’d like more information before arranging your service agreement with Active Ability and one of our NDIS physiotherapists, contact us via the button below or call us on (02) 8678 7874 (Monday to Friday). One of our wonderful team members will gladly answer your questions.

If you’d like to get started with physio and are ready for a service agreement, please fill out our NDIS referral form via the link below.

Physiotherapist Westmead