Exercise physiologists are trained to work with adults dealing with a range of physical conditions to help them achieve improved health and fitness. An NDIS-registered exercise physiologist may be able to help you reach personal health goals through tailored strength and aerobic programs, such as those geared towards helping you lose weight or regain function. If you’re interested in how our registered NDIS exercise physiologists can help you be your personal best, read on to learn about the services that Active Ability provides.

Overcoming Health Barriers with the Help of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

If you consider your health and overall functioning in daily life to be less than optimum, or if you are dealing with a chronic illness or disability, you may have already been advised to make certain lifestyle changes. Likely, these suggestions include integrating some form of daily exercise into your schedule, along with eating a healthy diet. However, when you are dealing with pain or limited mobility, these can both feel like potentially insurmountable challenges.

When you book an appointment with an exercise physiologist in the inner west suburbs of Sydney at Active Ability, you can speak with a non-judgmental professional who is trained to help you get started with a structured exercise program that will meet your personal needs. An accredited exercise physiologist is not merely a ‘personal trainer’—they are an allied health professional with the experience and qualifications necessary to design and deliver safe and effective interventions for clients facing a range of conditions, injuries, or disabilities.

Through the support and suggestions you receive, you will learn ways to incorporate more activity into your lifestyle and receive the help and encouragement you need when the going gets tough. Having a professional exercise physiologist in your corner may make all the difference when it comes to overcoming your health barriers and achieving the quality of life you deserve.


Overcoming Health Barriers with the Help of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Seeing a registered NDIS exercise physiologist is easy with Active Ability. Thanks to our mobile service, we can pay you a visit in your home or other location anywhere in Sydney, including the inner west suburbs. By coming to see you, we not only offer you greater convenience but a potentially better chance at a successful treatment outcome. When you receive guidance and therapeutic suggestions in a familiar environment, such as your home, you are more likely to carry out new habits and make lasting changes.

Because our exercise physiologists are NDIS registered, you can rest assured that all services you receive are accessible through funding as part of your NDIS participant plan. The treatment you receive should be covered under the Support Category for Improved Health and Well-Being. You may be able to move funds into this category if they are not already available, and our team can help if you have any questions regarding coverage.

Scheduling an appointment with an exercise physiologist in Sydney is straightforward. Simply fill out the online enquiry form, or give us a call to contact us at your convenience. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team will be with you shortly to discuss possible treatment options with one of our NDIS-registered exercise physiologists.