As we reach the 5-month mark in Tracey’s current NDIS plan, we would like to take you through some of the successes she has had to date.

Meet our amazing client Tracey and read her story!

Tracey is a 48-year-old female who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for the past 19 years. Tracey lives in her own home with her son in Maroubra. She has been using an electric wheelchair for the last 10 years and has drop-in support four times per day for assistance with domestic duties and daily tasks.

Tracey started with Active Ability in mid-February of this year with our superstar therapists Joe (Exercise Physiologist) and Georgia (Physiotherapist). Tracey and her therapists worked together to set the following goals:

  • improve upper limb strength to assist with ADLs;
  • to improve confidence to allow her to exercise alone at home; and
  • to improve in home mobility and transfers working towards using a walker instead of wheelchair.

To date, Tracey has been seeing our therapists once per week, alternating between Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology. Tracey has been working hard and has implemented some training on her own with the skills she has learnt from Georgia and Joe. This has led to some amazing results!

Upon re-assessment of a self-efficacy questionnaire, it revealed that Tracey now exercises almost every day, she needs much less support to do personal care tasks and she feels safer and more confident with exercise. Physically, Tracey can now stand for 5 seconds unsupported, more than she has done in a long time! She also finds that she isn’t as tired after sessions now.

Functionally, Tracey commented that she is doing more ADLs on her own. For example, being able to take off her jacket, cut her own food (first time in over a year), do some of the cooking at home and to pick up objects from the floor as needed.

Tracey’s results are a testament to her incredible determination and effort, and to the expertise and skill of our allied health professionals. Well done Tracey and thank you for working with Active Ability!