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Get to know your NDIS dietitian, Rachel Callaghan

We’ve asked our compassionate, bubbly and friendly dietitian, Rachel Callaghan, a couple of questions so that you can get to know her!


Why did you become a dietitian?

My parents both have serious health conditions and have received ongoing treatment since I was 12 years old. It made me want to do something to help people and their support networks going through similar experiences with the aim to make the process feel less daunting.


What has led to your passion for disability?

Honestly, I didn’t know a whole lot about the NDIS and the disability sector until I started working as a support worker in my final year at university. I thought I was leaning towards paediatric dietetics as a specialty, but I fell in love with the work I was doing in disability, and here we are!


Do you have a memorable experience of assisting a client to achieve their goals that you’d like to share?

One of my current paediatric clients has severe autism and significant sensory aversions to most foods as a result. We have been doing weekly feeding therapy sessions for the past couple of months and they are now at the point where we have been able to introduce different foods at each session without a meltdown in response! They have been interacting so well with these new foods that mum has been able to successfully introduce some new foods into their regular diet. It’s so wonderful to see what a positive impact this has made for both the client and their parents!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like taking my dog for a walk, cooking, playing board/card games, catching up with friends, and finding new places to go out and eat!


What is your favourite food?

Italian – I love pasta! Dumplings are a very close second place!


In another life, if you weren’t a dietitian, what do you think you’d be doing?

I was tossing up between occupational therapy, speech pathology and dietetics when I was in year 12. I did want to be a hairdresser or pop star when I was about 6!

What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you? Do you have a hidden talent?

My party trick is having double jointed knees and elbows…freaks people out a bit! A more productive talent I have is being able to cook about 5 different meals at once.


What is your favourite movie, book and holiday?

Movie: Anything Marvel!

Book: A Basket by the Door by Sophie Hanson (a recipe book, of course!)

Holiday: Italy! Lots of yummy food and beautiful sights to explore!


Thanks so much to Rachel for sharing more about herself and her reason for working in disability with our community!! We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know Rachel! If you’d like to arrange services with Rachel or another of our therapists, please contact us today!

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Rachel Callaghan provides Active Ability’s dietetic services in the far North West of Sydney. Specifically, you will find her in or around Mulgoa, Glenmore Park, Penrith, Cranebrook, Londonderry, Kurrajong, Richmond, Windsor and Marsden Park.